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that lies within you and your company.

Understanding Is the First Step to Change

Beacon Business Coaching has created a FREE form that will help you benchmark your business, the Business Effectiveness Evaluation (BEE). By answering straight-forward questions using a sliding numeric scale from 1-10, you’ll be able to get a better understanding of current situation as well as identify areas that should receive your attention.

Simply send us your name and email address. We’ll send you the link to download it FREE!


One-on-One Coaching:

Keeping a business running smoothly is no easy task. It’s easy to get bogged down in micro managing and lose sight of the reason you went into business in the first place—to make money and enjoy a successful lifestyle.

Beacon Business Coaching provides the guidance needed to get your business running successfully so you can start living the lifestyle you deserve. If you are serious about making positive change and are willing to do the work to achieve the freedom you deserve, we’d love to hear from you.

How One-on-One coaching works:

  • An evaluation meeting is scheduled to determine your goals and what issues are keeping you from reaching those goals.
  • A coaching process is then used to:

• Provide in-depth business analysis
• Determine what changes are needed
• Establish a benchmark of success
• Prepare an action plan to implement those changes
• Provide accountability

  • Weekly or bi-weekly meetings will be held in person to reach the goals established in the action plan.

Coaching isn’t for everyone. But if you are curious, we encourage you to contact us. You can find out more about us, and we can happily answer any questions you may have.

Group Coaching and Workshops

If your business is not meeting your expectations, its time you discovered Group Coaching from Beacon Business Coaching. You’ll work as a group with other like-minded individuals who share many of the same business goals and obstacles. Together, you’ll find the answers you need to achieve greater success and increased freedom.

Business Effectiveness Workshop

A comprehensive program that allows you to facilitate with other business owners in a workshop format. This 13-week session provides the opportunity to design systems for marketing, management, sales, customer service, human resources and financial management.

Why Choose Group Coaching?

Group coaching provides helpful support, advice and expertise from other professionals who have experienced similar problems. It provides an affordable way to use the power of coaching, combined with the expertise of other business professionals, to get you on the road to greater profitability and more free time.

The path to greater success and increased freedom starts with a simple call or email. Contact us today.


Masterminds is a group coaching technique in which a small, selective group of individuals with common goals, actions, and performance. The group meets weekly with a Beacon Business coach to strategize how to achieve greater success.

You’ll benefit from the collective wisdom of the group as we try to solve real-world business problems. The group will also keep you accountable to the action plan you develop, just as you will with other group members. Our MasterMinds program is the affordable coaching process designed to propel your business towards success.

Behavioral Assessment/DISC Analysis

A DISC Analysis is a comprehensive behavioral modeling tool that provides insight into both you and your team’s natural behavioral style. This simple 24-question assessment is completed online. The outcome is provided in a thorough assessment report that we review together.

This assessment allows a better understanding of how you as a manager should deal with others – staff, clients and even family and friends. It also evaluates the tendencies and make-up of your team. It will provide you with a greater insight on how to achieve maximum performance and what staff may be needed to complete your team.

Contact us today and learn how a Behavioral Assessment/DISC Analysis can help you develop communication strategies and processes to maximize performance.

Business Benchmark Evaluation

Through the analysis of 9 key benchmarks, this comprehensive evaluation provides you with a snapshot of where your business is today. In addition, we will review your financial statements create an in-depth benchmarking comparison to your industry peers. After you complete the evaluation, we will review the results, evaluate the information, and develop an action plan to move your business in a positive direction.

To create any plan for success, you first must understand where you are starting. And that’s where we can help.