Let’s Get REAL

Let's Get REAL: How to Achieve Your Goals

Before I get into today’s topic, I’d like to invite you to try a new FREE tool we’ve just put up on our website. It’s the Business Effectiveness Evaluation tool and it will help you gauge the current state of your business. Simply click on this link to access it: Beacon Business Coaching’s Business Effectiveness Evaluation.

Today, I would like you to do a short exercise to get to the heart of what you want out of your life, as well as out of your business.  This is called a REAL GOAL Exercise. It helps focus your actions so you can achieve the goals you set for yourself.

One a sheet of blank paper draw 5 large boxes and label them step 1,2,3, 4 & 5.

  • Box One: Please list three personal goals and three business goals that you would like to achieve.  Remember to be specific.  And if you don’t want to list 3, then do at least one.
  • Box Two: Approximately how long have you had each of these goals?
  • Box Three: What has been your biggest obstacle to date in achieving these goals?  You may have different obstacles for each or the maybe the same obstacle.
  • Box Four: What specific actions have you taken the last 24 hours to achieve these goals?
  • Box Five:  Look at one of the goals, what is it about this goal that makes you want to achieve it?  How you feel once as it is achieved?  What will you be?  What might others say about you?  Now look at the remaining goals in the same light.

In reviewing the exercise, look again in:

  1. Box One – Are the goals you identified specific?
  2. Box Two – Have you had these goals for a long time?
  3. Box Three – Are you making excuses for the obstacles or blaming outside forces that are beyond their control?
  4. Box Four – You must stress the importance of prioritization in achieving their goals.  What have you been doing instead of working specifically towards your goals?
  5. Box Five – Are these really your goals?

Now let’s apply the BE–DO–HAVE process to these REAL Goals. Quite often, we focus on what we have to DO or what we want to HAVE as a measuring point in achieving some life purpose.  In going through this exercise, you should learn that being the person you want to BE can and should happen now!

For example, box one might be “lose 50lbs.”  On the other hand, box five might be “being a healthy person.”  If you focused to BE a healthy person before you focus on what you had to DO in order to be a healthy person your efforts would progress much more quickly. Then you will HAVE attained the goal you set for yourself.

Always remember…  BE – DO – HAVE to achieve your REAL Goals!