The First Step Toward Business and Personal Success Is Easier than You Think

What do highly successful entrepreneurs have in common with world-class athletes, Fortune 500 CEOs, or World Leaders?  They all have someone in their corner whom they turn to for guidance; improving personal performance; and achieving their next level of business and personal success.

I am pleased to have the opportunity in the Coach’s Corner series to help you expand both your personal and business effectiveness skills, identify obstacles that can hinder you from moving forward, and aid you in attaining your goals.

There is one absolutely CRITICAL step to getting what you want out of your business and out of your life.  Unfortunately, most people never take this vital step, and therefore simply live a life of just floating downstream with the tide of life.


I know, I know… we all want to be rich, good looking, physically fit, have idyllic family relationships, enjoy going to work, etc.  *Yawn*

Until you decide EXACTLY what you want—actually create very specific goals—the chances are that you won’t make the changes needed to get there.  Period.  After all, how could you? It’s like starting off on a trip saying “I want to go west.” Well, where west? Where are you trying to get to specifically. Once you know that you can create a plan that gets you there.

Looking at the above examples, let’s be a bit more specific.  For example, whether you call it “rich” or “financially independent” or whatever, you must take the time to define exactly what that means to you.  So instead of saying I want to be rich, you’d say “in ten years I have $250K in cash to pay for my children’s education, my net worth is $2 million, and I maintain an income of $150K per year.”  Write it down.  Make it real.

Now you have a starting point (you already have a sum of cash, a net worth and an income), and you can begin to take actions that will take you towards your goal.  Do something every day to keep yourself on track.  If you do this, you will achieve more than you ever have in the past.

This may seem like a simple exercise, but my experience has shown me that when my clients write down specific goals, it makes it easier to achieve them. And that’s where Beacon Business Coaching comes in. You can read the specifics about why people like Bill Gates have used business coaches to get where they are, as well as other posts about the benefits of business coaching.

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To begin with the end in mind means to start with a clear understanding of your destination.  It means to know where you’re going so that you better understand where you are now and so that the steps you take are always in the right direction.

~ Steven R.Covey